Jun 22, 2018

MILK Business Conference


MILK Business Logo


The MILK Business Conference distills global
economic issues down to their impact at the farm gate,
giving attendees the insight to better manage their dairies
and their bottom lines. Now in its 15th year, The MILK
Business Conference is a must-attend event for commercial
dairy farmers seeking to navigate an increasingly complex
and risky business environment.

The unique meeting schedule provides event sponsors a
key benefit in the opportunity to meet and build relationships
with dairy producers who are in a class by themselves.

Sponsorship opportunities are available at 3 levels:
• Elite $26,250
• Premium $13,750
• Supporting $10,000

New! Networking floor will have booth
space available

For questions on sponsorships contact
Patty Jolliffe, pjolliffe@farmjournal.com, (913) 953-7098
Annie McCullough, amccullough@farmjournal.com, (608) 897-3620
Leah Mindemann, leah.mindemann@bock-assoc.com, (952) 270-8778
Peter Rupert, peter.rupert@bock-assoc.com, (651) 336-4584
Eloise Seaman, eseaman@farmjournal.com, (913) 593-3250
Deidre Chenoweth, dchenoweth@farmjournal.com, (260) 726-2908

For more information, follow this link: www.agweb.com/livestock/dairy




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